When Attempting to Hire Top Performing Talent, the Last Meeting Needs to be a Planned Meeting to Judge Fit and Motivation

November 29th, 2013

Most companies – when interviewing – structure their process the same.  Candidates are initially run through a screening interview, followed by either a panel interview or a series of structured/unstructured one-on-one interviews.

At the end of this process a yes / no decision is made and if yes, an offer is extended to the candidate.

However, the important final step is missing…a last, “gloves-off” meeting between the hiring manager and the candidate to answer the candidates’ questions, sell them on the opportunity.  It is also a chance for the hiring manager to judge fit and motivation.

The reason is simple.  Through the entire interviewing process, all candidates are in “interview mode”.  They have asked some questions about the job, the expectations, and the company.  However, they have not had the green light to ask “what’s in it for me” or “why, is this for me”?

This last meeting usually doesn’t happen as companies still think all candidates want to come to work for them because they showed up for an interview and the interview processes’ only purpose is candidate selection, a weeding out of candidates – not in telling the candidate what is in it for them.

Recently, a lot of hiring emphasis has been put on cultural fit.  But is it possible to judge a cultural match between candidate and culture? Probably not, as most crystal balls don’t work.  However, understanding the candidate’s motivation in changing positions has become a much more relevant topic as it will dictate “fit” in hiring the high-caliber candidate.

High-caliber candidates fit in any organization.  The real question is, are they motivated to fit?  So, if the hiring manager never has the “gloves off conversation” with candidates about their requirements, their needs, their goals…in other words, their motivation…the company runs the risk of hiring a poor cultural match.

For example, company recently hired a top performing IT candidate.  After   3-4 months of high-performance, the person quit.  During the exit interview, the company found the employee simply did not like the fast pace of the company.

The CIO went back to the interviewing panel and asked if they had investigated whether a fast-paced environment was a good match.  They had, but – of course – the candidate said “yes”. The person was in “interview mode”.  The candidate wanted the job.  A “no” answer would have immediately eliminated him.

A last and final meeting between the hiring manager and candidate – be it breakfast, an offsite lunch, or dinner – to get out of the “interview mode” will be a huge benefit for both candidate and hiring manager.  During this “gloves off meeting”, the hiring manager needs to be able to have a full, complete and open discussion with the candidate about the position and future, making sure the candidate’s desires/motivation are apparent. At the same time, candidates can get all their questions answered and the hiring manager can sell the benefits of the company / job.

When hiring high-caliber staff, cultural fit is not about whether or not a person’s inherent personality fits within the company. It’s really about motivation…does the person want the job, feel the opportunity is challenging, and find the company attractive. It all revolves around communication and full disclosure to make a successful hire.

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